CRU Kafe

Based in Notting Hill, London these coffee enthusiasts are all about ethical, organic coffee.

The team pride themselves on sourcing some of the finest high altitude, speciality beans meaning they can offer some of the best coffee the world has to offer. They carefully blend the beans before roasting and grinding them to perfection, capturing their flavour and freshness. Only using organic means that there are no nasty chemicals, pesticides or aggressive farming practices involved in the process. The best beans come from the best farms and all of their growers work hard to reinvest in the community and environment around them. Environmentally conscious, CRU Kafe are constantly working on making all of their packaging fully biodegradable as well.

One&Twenty loves CRU Kafe's Peruvian Cajamarca blend which you can find in 'The One FOR THE MORNING'. These ground coffee beans are best enjoyed when brewed in a cafetiere to taste the notes of toasted caramel and juicy gooseberry!