London Tea Club

The London Tea Club is made up of a small group of friends who want to share their love of tea with others. Travelling the world they source the finest teas and offer a varied and unique range of premium blends to their members throughout the calendar year. Packaged in an inventive way in vials wth cork stoppers and small pouches the loose-leaf tea comes with individual sachets for brewing. Find the delicious creme earl grey inside 'The 'SIGNATURE One' and choose from three exciting blends in 'The One FOR THE MORNING'.

One&Twenty attended one of the London Tea Club's beautiful tea ceremonies when we first found out about the brand. It was a really amazing experience. It really focused you on the task in hand - taking a moment out of a busy day to really stop, sit down and mindfully prepare, brew and sip some beautiful tea. You won't want to let this cup of tea go cold so take time to enjoy!