Ready for this jelly

1st August


We were recently lucky enough to take a tour of the London studios of Bompas & Parr - jelly makers extraordinaire! 

The eponymous Sam Bompas and Harry Parr have been friends since school with the ambition to sell their wares on a stand within the famous Borough Market - they decided on jelly as a perfect product due to what they thought would be low overheads - its main ingredient being water! 

Ten years down the line they are now the go-to guys to cater for some of the fanciest parties around the world as well as curating exhibitions and pop-up dining experiences.

Their HQ in London is made up of workshop, studio and kitchen and was amazing to see - it really was what you might imagine stepping into Willy Wonka's factory would be like. We were initially ushered into a small room dominated by a gigantic pipe organ which cost half a million pounds and can apparently change your experience of flavour when it’s being played…. a very brightly dressed and enthusiastic Sam Bompas greeted us with some very dramatic fire breathing before casually using a pickle as a lightbulb. You can see how much fun the guys have in their day to day work and that’s something we found to be very inspiring.

Following the intro we were taken on a tour and learned about the history of the brand and their love of British food history and beautiful vintage copper moulds. We then got to make our own moulds and move onto the super fun part - flavour combinations and creating our own mini jellies (so that they would set in time for us to take away with us).

We decided on making a striped classic jelly shape using passionfruit, strawberry and lime flavours - it really resembled a retro rocket lolly. Then our favourite - a Georgian looking lime jelly with edible flowers within – we thought it looked quite sophisticated and after tucking into them later we can confirm they were both incredibly tasty.

We weren’t huge fans of jelly and ice-cream at kids parties in the 90s but this time around we couldn't feel more differently. Sophisticated, beautiful, chic, elegant, witty..... all suitable words to describe the jelly treats which Bompas & Parr envisage and create.

Plus we now kind of want to work there!

- One&Twenty -




Chloe Crowe