Friends of 01&20 ...


2nd June, 2017


It's so important for us to build up amazing relationships with our brands as we want what we offer to come from an honest place. The items we include in our gift boxes are things we buy and use ourselves, otherwise how could we ever recommend them to you!

We've known Evermore London for a few years now and they were the very first brand we asked to be a part of One&Twenty which is pretty special. 

Founder Chloe will not be found without a candle burning most evenings. Even throughout the summer the subtle, fresh scent of Evermore's Peony and Peppermint is a favourite. 

We've seen Evermore grow from the very beginning when they offered one size of candle in three scents. Now they have a wide selection of candles on offer as well as pot pourri and room sprays. We love their products and the sentiment behind them. Completely honest, natural and using organic wax and natural wicks - nothing nasty goes into these for sure. Their packaging is beautiful as well making them very desirable items to have on show in your home! Founder Sarah has worked hard to evolve the brand yet maintain it's core values all along.

We have chosen to include Evermore's Peony & Peppermint soy candle in 'The SIGNATURE One' and Fig & Thyme in 'The One FOR MAMA ET BEBE'. Watch this space for exiting new scents and products coming to gift boxes in the future.


- One&Twenty -

Chloe Crowe