The Little One 'FOR A GUY'

The Little One 'FOR A GUY'

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Lets face it, for the guys in our lives socks and chocolate are nothing new. We’re not reinventing the wheel here, but we are upgrading it. A rather masculine themed box to enjoy with treats of soft alpaca socks in a colour of your choice, black charcoal soap and strikingly packaged and delicious bee pollen chocolate.


This box was inspired by the traditional gifts my dad would always receive, which is why it’s got a gendered name, but everyone is welcome !

Need to know:

We'll handwrite your message to the recipient on our One&Twenty postcard which they'll find when they unwrap their box. We'll also handwrite their name on the gift tag on the outside of the box - just let us know the details at the checkout. If you're buying a gift for yourself feel free to write yourself a message or leave blank and we'll do the rest!

Dimensions of box - 20 x 16 x 8 cm

White on white One&Twenty embossed gift box with ribbon tab and magnetic closure, ideal to keep and use for whatever you wish. The Little One with the Navy ribbon.


The Little One FOR A GUY includes:


Tom Lane / Alpaca Bed Socls

Made in Britain using a blend of alpaca wool, Tom Lane pride themselves on quality and craftsmanship. These soft, warm socks will add a touch of cosy to your evening. We recommend washing on a 30 degree wool cycle to keep these feeling snuggly for your toes. Choose from:

'Rich Navy' Available in sizes 4-8 or 8-11

'Charcoal Grey' Available in sizes 4-8 or 8-11

Ocelot Chocolate / Bee Pollen & Mango Chocolate Bar

Handmade and packaged in a micro chocolate factory in Edinburgh this organic and fair trade bar is best enjoyed when you let melt in the mouth. A rich, tangy 70% dark chocolate made from cocoa beans grown sustainably in Africa, paired perfectly with fragrant mango and earthy bee pollen.

(Current stock - Best enjoyed by end November 2019)


Sevin London / 'Marble Black' Soap Bar

Beautifully wrapped and made with organic coconut oil this wonderfully scented soap bar is created from aromatic musks and edible grade carbon with a scent of clover buds, oud and bergamot. A luxe upgrade for your morning shower.


Printed menu / handwritten notecard in envelope / handwritten gift tag.


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