Sue Ure Ceramics

Sue fell in love with pottery and particularly with throwing when studying for her A levels, fascinated by the tactile sensation of throwing and the ability to make functional objects that could be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. Shape rather than pattern has always been her principal preoccupation and her influences have been very diverse. 

She works from her studio in South West France and her work has been affected by the colours and landscape of her rural environment. She has developed an ever-evolving range of tableware and vase designs for her hand-thrown range.

One&Twenty love the care taken on each individual piece. Pieces can take up to eight weeks to complete from start to finish. Our favourite is the large pink tea mug which we use everyday on our many tea breaks. You can find this beauty in 'The SIGNATURE One' and the gorgeous pair of off-white beaklets in 'The One FOR THE MORNING'.